Are Democrats Stupid?

Every day Democrats allow themselves to be a punching bag for brazen attacks from right wing pundits.  Attacking the ideology that surrounds democracy has been very successful for right-wing Republicans. 

It’s time for Democrats to attack the thinly-veiled authoritarian ideology of the right.  It’s time to fight fire with fire.  Love and empathy is a weak strategy and may fail to stop nefarious actors. It’s time to call out the Trump/Stalin playbook and rail against the ultimate goal of the right wing.  Trump’s main weapon was to get ahead of the narrative.  It’s time for Democrats to get ahead of the narrative. 

They want to take away our right to vote.

They want to eliminate their political enemies.

They want to eliminate publicly funded health care.

They want to eliminate taxes on the rich.

They want limited and selective prosecution of white collar crime.

They want an association with Christian theocracy to determine hot-button public policy. 

They want to remain isolated from world efforts at peace and the good of the planet. 

They want to create violence and chaos specifically because it leads to an increase in their power.

They want low wages so that corporations can increase their profits.

They want a Supreme Court and a Justice Department that answer to the President. 

They want to eliminate entitlements. 

They want to ride the racist train, and make gays and women second class citizens so that they can enjoy more white male privileges. 

They want media domination by right-wing pundits.

And here’s what they are not telling the public about the long-term consequences of their ideology. 

Life expectancy will decline. 

Our standard of living will decline. 

Global conflicts will increase.

Negative effects of climate change will increase.

Gun violence deaths will increase. 

No elected Republican will ever be obligated to testify under oath. 

Candidates for elected office will be chosen in smoke-filled private rooms and not by public primaries. 

Pollution and its negative consequences will increase substantially. 

Freedom of speech will be restricted as those who speak against the Republican government will suffer negative consequences. 

The right to vote will depend in part on voter loyalty to the right-wing causes. 

Biden the Democratic ideology both believe in empathy and love.  But that ideology may not win.  Jesus Christ believed in empathy and love; that caused him to be crucified by those with a totalitarian ideology.  If we do not learn from history we may be destined to repeat it. 

Each statement here can be readily supported by available information.  But why are Democrats not getting in front of the narrative by making these statements?   It can be speculated that their silence is actually part of the conspiracy to end of our democratic republic.  That’s an outlandish statement but if it is not true, please tell me what is really going on.  We don’t need Jamie Raskin’s expertise on Constitutional law to spell out ways that the 2024 presidential election vote can be overturned by the Republican Party. 

Nice guys finish last.  It’s time to stop being nice.  The demise of our democratic republic is clearly visible on the horizon.  If conversion to one-party rule is not the will of the people, then the people need to become fully informed about their precarious status.  Job one is to save our form of government.

Published by yooper1951

Recently retired real estate appraiser. My interest in Constitutional amendments resulted from the lack of recent Congressional action. It has been too long. Its hard to look at today's political climate and not see a need for a change.

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