Are Democrats Stupid?

Every day Democrats allow themselves to be a punching bag for brazen attacks from right wing pundits.  Attacking the ideology that surrounds democracy has been very successful for right-wing Republicans.  It’s time for Democrats to attack the thinly-veiled authoritarian ideology of the right.  It’s time to fight fire with fire.  Love and empathy is aContinue reading “Are Democrats Stupid?”

Public Vetting Issue

Article V was written at a time when representatives of the people met and acted without major interaction with the constituents.  Press coverage was slow and cumbersome.  A proposed state-initiated convention of states was a meeting that could not receive substantial public input during the process of drafting a proposal.  If a convention of statesContinue reading “Public Vetting Issue”

Government Reform

It’s sad.  Our elected representatives often seem more interested in hurting their political opposition than governing the country.  Conspiracy theories and thinly veiled racism often dominate daily rhetoric.  Virtually every issue has become weaponized.  We are no longer sure if Republicans and Democrats could even agree on the time of day.  Our government is becomingContinue reading “Government Reform”

First – Demonstrate Success

It’s human nature that we sometimes have contentious disagreements.  But for every person that goes off the deep end to escalate a fight, there are more people that would rather compromise.  Our Founders compromised on many issues and perhaps the true silent majority wants to avoid fights at our national and state capitals.  We needContinue reading “First – Demonstrate Success”

Jim Crow is Alive and Well

Many Americans believed that after the civil rights advances in the 1960’s that the Jim Crow era was over.  But the congressional votes to overturn the 2020 election say otherwise.  It’s all about disenfranchising African American votes just as it was done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Those congressional votes shout outContinue reading “Jim Crow is Alive and Well”

The Great Debate

It’s about federal government reform.  And it’s in full compliance with the Constitution.  An obscure part of the job description of all state legislators puts them in charge. Two things are needed from the legislators.  First, they must see a need for change in the federal government.  Secondly, they must be willing to consider non-partisanContinue reading “The Great Debate”

Redefine Presidential Powers

Our Founding Fathers could not anticipate the evolution of presidential power.  And it’s not uncommon for a president to be driven by a lust for power and influence.  The Constitution does not spell out every possible circumstance, so it may be necessary to add clarity. We all anticipate that the President is not above theContinue reading “Redefine Presidential Powers”

Were the Benghazi hearings seditious?

Most Americans never considered the long term consequences of congressional action for the sole purpose of pleasing their political base.  Benghazi hearings lasted longer than any other and produced no indictments.  They easily fit the definition of a political witch hunt.  Highly political ploys send a divisive message.  One overt action, taken on behalf ofContinue reading “Were the Benghazi hearings seditious?”