Jim Crow is Alive and Well

Many Americans believed that after the civil rights advances in the 1960’s that the Jim Crow era was over.  But the congressional votes to overturn the 2020 election say otherwise.  It’s all about disenfranchising African American votes just as it was done in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Those congressional votes shout out loudly that Make American Great Again means a return to the Jim Crow era. 

The allegation that the election was stolen is a clear reference to the votes cast in the inner cities of Philadelphia, Detroit, Milwaukee and Atlanta.  MAGA challenges focused specifically on those areas dominated by African Americans.  Clearly, if Jim Crow laws were in place, the election results would have been different. 

Racism is often not easily defined.  But some common sense analysis applies.  Would it be easier for those congressmen who voted to overturn the 2020 election results to prove that they are not racist or would the preponderance of evidence point in the direction of these votes having a racist foundation?  The election was tested in court 60 times and the results lead to the conclusion that the election was free and fair.  Of the 147 congressmen who voted to overturn the results, how many were not white?  Facts speak louder than innuendo.

Published by yooper1951

Recently retired real estate appraiser. My interest in Constitutional amendments resulted from the lack of recent Congressional action. It has been too long. Its hard to look at today's political climate and not see a need for a change.

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